The Magic Horse Racing Bets Formula for Profit

There is no magic bullet for picking winners, but there is a method of making a cash in on horse racing table bets. That may sound contrary, but it’s not, because there is a difference between picking winning horses and picking good table bets. The difference between a horse player who searches for winners and a horse player who searches for good table bets is the difference between a successful gambler and a gambler.

Regular bettors take some comfort in being right and sometimes they even take comfort in commiserating with other losing bettors. Winning bettors take comfort in making a profit and usually keep their MOTOROLA ROI and other secrets to themselves. You’ll hear a lot of horse players whining about how hard it is to create a profit or about the losing skills they’re on, but you’ll rarely when hear one talking 토토사이트,카지노사이 about his positive return or method of picking those good table bets.

Let’s be clear on the a good bet is before we talk about the magic bullet for determining that bet. A good guess is one that will show a confident return over the course of a season or a meet. That means that is you make the same bet under the same circumstances at the same track, it will pay you back all the money that you bet plus a profit.

I realize how difficult it is to find such table bets, so don’t think I’m being glib. Making money wagering on horse backgrounds is one of the toughest things most of us will ever tackle. It requires certain skills, such as good mathematics skills and the ability to keep accurate notes, whether by using a good computer program of just keeping hard copies that you record. Fortunately, a lot of the record keeping is now done by the major suppliers of past tasks.

You may have been confused by that line about note keeping. Notes? You may ask. Yes, notes. How else will you know whether a bet is profitable unless you should check its recent track record. If i bet the horse with the fastest pace figures in its last two backgrounds at Aqueduct for 6 furlong backgrounds over the inner track, will those horses show a confident return on straight win table bets if they turn off at 3-1 or more?

You see spinning program so well? Maybe those horses don’t show a profit every day, but in backgrounds where you find such horses and flat bet them to win, knowing they pay a profit is one way to make money, (Please note that was a hypothetical example and not an authentic money making example)

While other horse players are racking your brains on if those horses will win, the smart wagerer is racking your brains on whether it’s a profitable bet. So the magic bullet is the number of table bets times the amount bet on each horse minus the return on all table bets. In other words, if i find 20 such horses and bet $10 on each one, I’ll have spent $200. Now I add up all the winners and what they paid and see if i made a profit. If so, then I’ve just found a good bet and that is how bettors and horse players make money. To be honest however, it ought to be noted that it is still a risky way to create a profit and you should never bet money you can’t afford to lose.

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